Smart Solutions


We are delighted to be able to offer you a modern and future-oriented living experience with high standards in your new home in the Waldviertel. This includes the app developed especially for the Quartier, which bundles the entire digital offering in the Waldviertel into a single application.

The QuartiersApp is designed as an application for your iOS and Android smartphone and offers many practical functions: It opens doors, connects you with your neighbors and controls the neighborhood's own parcel station; at the same time, the QuartiersApp is your direct line to the property management.

If you wish, you can choose one of the special request packages and expand the functionality of your app to include the following use cases: control of lights, shutters and heating, and contact sensors for windows.

On the following pages you will get all the information about the digital use cases you get by default and can additionally add one of the special request packages.

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Secure at all times with digital door opener

The QuartiersApp opens doors - for the person to whom you grant access rights. Operate your house, apartment and basement doors as well as garage doors with the help of the app.

With the help of the app, you can give your guests, household helpers or craftsmen individual and precisely defined access rights - with just a few clicks.

Look forward to your new flexibility in everyday life!

Receive and send parcels stress-free.

Waiting for "delivery between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m." was yesterday - today you are ready to receive without being at home!  In your digitally controlled parcel box, all shipments are deposited for you and are accessible around the clock. The QuartiersApp notifies you of every delivery and serves as a key to the parcel box.

Would you rather walk to the Rhine than to the post office? No problem, if you want to send parcels, you can also use the parcel box; your shipment can be picked up there.

Intercom system

The QuartiersApp communicates directly with the intercom, so you don't have to get up to see who's at the door.

Even if you're not home, you can see who's ringing your doorbell and assign guest access remotely. This is particularly practical if you want to let a guest or, if necessary, a tradesman into your home without being there.

To a vibrant community

Are you planning a courtyard party and need beer benches - or nice company? The integrated neighborhood forum of the QuartiersApp connects residents, promotes exchange and forms the basis for a wonderful community.

In dialog digitally at all times

The Quartiers app offers a chat function with which you can contact your property management directly; quickly, effectively and in a resource-saving manner. If required, you can also send photos here and track the processing status of your requests and messages in real time.

Current messages from your property management can be found at any time on the digital notice board - our contemporary version of the "bulletin board".

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Key Facts

  • Users: tenants, external FM & PM, owners
  • 20% savings in repair and maintenance, 20% reduction in administrative expenses