What are the benefits of smart living ?

A closer look at the "MelEHR" digital living concept

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November 8, 2021
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Never miss a parcel again with the intelligent parcel stations!

Who does not know it ? "Delivery between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m." and then the parcel carrier arrives at 5 p.m., when you've only been shopping briefly after waiting for five hours. This problem is circumvented in the "MelEHR" with the intelligent parcel stations, which are installed in the entrance hall. They enable the messengers to store the parcels safely and without access by unauthorized persons when the recipient is absent. Afterwards, the tenant can simply open the respective parcel box via app and remove the parcel. This avoids the unnecessary trip to the nearest post office and, in the worst case, the loss of the package. In addition, returns can also be handled via the parcel stations or deliveries can be left for a neighbor.

Incentives for sustainable behavior through smart metering

The installed sensors for monitoring electricity, water and heat can not only provide incentives for cost reduction, but also lead to an improved awareness of sustainable behavior. This enables tenants to consciously contribute to reducing their own ecological footprint. The app provides an overview of the consumption data, from which it is easy to see how one is doing at any given time in terms of one's own monthly consumption targets.

Community WiFi

In most residential buildings, setting up an Internet or DSL plan is a chore at the beginning of every new lease. The contracts are usually inflexible and ordering and setting up the router takes a few days, so you often have to manage without WLAN for the first week. At MelEHR, however, there is a simple solution to this. Here, tenants have access to the pre-installed WLAN as soon as they move in, as the log-in data is stored in the tenant app. This means the user does not need to set up a contract and can start surfing right away. Internet access also expires automatically when the tenant leaves. The WLAN in the building is provided by NetCologne and ensures optimum network stability with a 300Mbit line that can be upgraded to up to 1000Mbit if required. Furthermore, the tenant has a very good WLAN connection not only in his own apartment, but in the entire house.

Always stay up to date with the digital tenant board!

Finally, there is an end to analog notices that no one reads or even notices. The digital tenant board is the collection point for all information about the building, the administration and the tenant community - the digital "bulletin board" can be viewed at any time in the entrance area and in the MelEHR app and provides brief and concise information about the latest matters concerning one's own apartment and the entire building.

Connected Smart Home Devices

The term smart home encompasses any technology that makes the lives of residents more efficient or more comfortable. MelEHR is also equipped with a network of intelligent smart home devices that are interconnected and can be controlled from a central point, the tenant app. For example, lights, blinds, air conditioning and heating, as well as the tenant's own components, can be controlled via the cell phone. In addition, voice control of these components is possible via Alexa or Apple Home Kit.


The MelEHR also stands out positively when it comes to security. The smart lights mentioned above can be freely programmed so that if the tenant goes away, there is no sign of his absence. In addition, motion sensors, if the alarm has been armed by the resident, monitor any activity within the apartment and sound the alarm as soon as there are any irregularities. In addition, the windows also have sensors that respond to damage to the frame or glass and subsequently alert the tenant and the police.

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